Documentation Design

Using MadCap Flare I am able to create PDF or printed documents, and functional web sites simultaneously.

MadCap Document Types

Product or Process Manuals

Text and graphics can be combined to create instructional product user guides or full manuals.

If you are a service provider and need to provide your staff or customers with step by step instructions, or technical procedures, these can be produced to varying levels of complexity depending on the intended reader.

Product or Service Brochures

Brochures or other marketing materials can be created either standalone, or using source manuals and documents for their content. Your own imagery and photographs can be incorporated, or commercially available images used, in addition to bespoke photography where required.

Training Materials

Educational materials for all levels can be designed to your requirements. From day to day course materials, to entire textbooks formatted ready to be sent to a publisher.

Internal Policies and Procedures

If you require written documentation for legal and auditing purposes, your internal procedures can be broken down into steps and departmental or individual responsibilities. They can also be created for general information dissemination within your company.

Any and all of these documents can be made from the same source information. Improving the consistency and accuracy of content, and speeding up the update process.

For everyday use, I can create Microsoft Office templates for letters, invoices, complex calculations, and integrated documents using either spreadsheet data or Access data (or other data sources).

MS Office Document Types

MailMerge Letter Templates

If you regularly create letters or other mailings for a list of recipients, I can create templates that are already linked to the correct lists of names, addresses and other information.

I can also provide training and instruction on how to use these templates, and how to modify the documents and apply these features yourself in the future.

Batch Certificates

Similarly to the letter mail merge function, certificates may also contain complex data or other results in addition to names and addresses. To eliminate the potential for human error when typing in numerical values, these certificates can be created directly from a results table.

Excel Calculator Templates

In many methodologies you apply the same calculations to a range of data over and over again. I can create a spreadsheet which either acts as a standalone calculator – where you can select from options and the result is displayed; or create a table template with calculations applied at the end of each row/column as required.

In addition, I can add graphs and other representations which can update automatically based on the information you enter.

Other Data Sources

For local (within your company) use, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are reliable, simple ways to synchronise lists and information with documents.

Other sources of data, such as online SQL databases and other sources, can be linked to document templates as required.

This is not an exhaustive list of what is possible with Microsoft Office documents. In addition there is integration with Office 365 for online dynamic templates.

Examples and more information

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