Web Content Design

The WordPress platform is simple and versatile to create beautiful, functional websites.

WordPress is a leader in simplicity and functionality, where the page and layout templates automatically adapt depending on whether they are viewed on a large monitor, tablet or a smartphone.  This website is also powered by WordPress – try viewing it through different devices.

Primary Services

Small Business Full Site Design

I can design your site from start to finish, with as much or as little involvement from yourself as you prefer; and either handover complete ownership of the site at the end of the process (where all subsequent publication costs are handled by yourself), or I can retain ownership for continual updates and maintenance (where subsequent costs and time are billed through me).

Even if a site is completely handed over to yourself, I will still be able to update and amend the site as required, billed only for time.

Advanced features, such as e-commerce, payments and shopping baskets can be added using “plugins” towards the end of the design, and with the Business licensing package from WordPress.

Website Content Transfer to WordPress

You may want to transfer your entire website from an existing system to a newer WordPress format.  This could be as simple as choosing a template and copying and re-formatting your existing content into this new space.  Or an existing website can be reviewed and improvements to the design and content discussed and implemented before creating the new full site.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

For people to find your website in the first place, they will always firstly use a search engine (such as Google) to find the product or service that they want.  To make sure that the right people find you, your website needs to clearly state what it is you do, what you sell, how you deliver, and the background to your company.

The simpler and clearer your website content, the better it will perform in searches.  And most importantly, the less you will have to spend on dedicated advertising!

WordPress Training

You may choose to have complete ownership of the website, and I will be happy to provide you with training on how to use the WordPress platform content management system.  This will include how to navigate around the dashboard, where to upload images and files (and what file sizes and types are best), how to write pages and posts, and what all the buttons and options mean.

Website Updates and Maintenance

When you have new information, products or features, changes in staff, or simply want to re-vamp the look and feel of an existing WordPress site, then I can handle these minor changes for you.  Even for sites that I did not create in the first place; if I am provided with a login I can quickly make changes on a case-by case basis.

If your site is not WordPress-based, I can also use other systems as required (see below) – assuming that they can be accessed from outside of your workplace via the internet (using secure login information).

Articles, News, Blogs and Page Content

If you have ideas for content, but not enough time to write and publish new articles, updates to product and service information, case studies, blogs, news, or other wording and imagery; I can do this for you.

From writing a product excerpt to transforming a scientific paper into a news item for a wider audience, I will ensure that the information is easy to understand and is presented beautifully.

Even if you don’t know which service is exactly right for you, we can have a conversation simply to understand who you are, what your business is, and some ideas to get you started.

Larger Business Consultancy, Website Authoring and Governance Procedures, and other Content Management Systems (CMS)

Additional Services

Larger Business Website Strategy and Content Design

Whether using WordPress already, wanting to re-design to WordPress, or using your existing system, I can provide an update or design service as required.

In addition, I can advise on Website Authoring and Governance practices.  Including procedures to create and approve content within your organisation, coordination between the marketing department for brand consistency, and product, service, or technical departments for the wording and content.

These projects will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complexity and quantity of changes, and the requirements of the organisation at large.

Other Content Management Systems (CMS)

I am happy to use other systems from WordPress, if provided with login access.  You may have developed a system in-house or use another proprietary CMS from across the web.  If the editor side of the website is accessible from outside your organisation’s computer network (or accessible via a secure VPN – Virtual Private Network – to your organisation), then I can make updates and additions to your existing site.

These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complexity and quantity of changes requested.

We can work together to improve both your website content, and your internal procedures to ensure future updates are done smoothly and with specific brand and marketing goals.

Examples and more information

Google Ads Certifications

I am pleased to announce that I have studied for, taken and passed the exams for the Google Ads Search Certification, and Google Ads Display Certification.

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