Alice Moncaster, Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd.

Julia worked on the EU/Green Building Councils Life Levels project as a consultant for our team, developing a deeper understanding of the data around embodied impacts of construction materials for four EU countries. She was truly outstanding – very quick to understand and complete everything we threw at her, bringing efficiency, accuracy and huge added value to the project.

Alice Moncaster, on behalf of Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd. (CAR)


Stuart Chalmers, Head of Digital Products at NPL

Julia worked for me as a technical content creator and editor during my time as Director of Digital Products at BRE. She was responsible for the full lifecycle of technical manual creation, editing and publishing for BRE’s flagship BREEAM scheme technical documentation and manuals. She was also our web content creator and editor for our BRE Group websites.

Julia’s role required her to manage a number of very complex and extremely detailed technical specifications for our BREEAM sustainability schemes from initial draft to publication. This involved working not only on the detailed hands-on creation of manuals using the MadCap publishing platform, but also in capturing requirements, understanding technical content, liaising with consultants and working to extremely tight deadlines.

Julia’s great skill was being able to work on and be involved at every level of delivery, from detailed technical creation of manual content through to customer engagement and requirements gathering.

When Julia joined our team she immediately identified process improvement in the way we created our technical manuals and how we used MadCap, and was pro-active in implementing these improvements to great effect. She also took on extra responsibility for content creation and editing for BRE Group’s main websites. Her ability to prioritise and self-manage this role alongside the technical manual delivery meant that she quickly became a valued and trusted member of our digital team.

Julia is a highly motivated and capable team member that I would always recommend for any project or role.

Stuart Chalmers, Head of Digital Products at National Physical Laboratory (NPL)