Documentation Design with MadCap Flare

Manuals, Procedures, Marketing Brochures…

Using the MadCap Flare software, I can create both a document for printing, and simultaneously a functional website. Useful for marketing of products and services, and for internal procedures published to an intranet.

Example of the web output for a technical manual
Example of the web output for a technical manual

Technical Manuals

Using your corporate styles, a technical document can be presented in a user friendly way with all the dynamic features of a website – with no extra effort.

The PDF version of the same manual can be provided for download or purchase.

The document can also be formatted for professional printing and publishing.

The example here is for the BREEAM New Construction Scheme Manual.


For audit purposes, or just to ensure your staff have a reference when completing tasks; procedures can be created for printing and as web pages that you can display on an internal web system (Intranet).

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Create beautiful marketing materials and brochures to promote your own products and services. Your own images, or commercially available images can be used, along with bespoke photography where required.


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