Latest Work: AfCPA conference Article for iSDA Africa

Following the first African Conference on Precision Agriculture which took place online from the 8th to 10th December 2020, I was tasked to turn the 2 hour long recorded youtube video into a more structured article.

Instead of a “he said this” and “she said that” blow by blow account of the video, I have collected all the comments and presentations on each topic and then reorganised them into an article which flows nicely, has more active voice in the phrasing, and becomes a coherent story. Relevant quotes are added throughout the content, with attribution to the person who stated them, and gives good breaks throughout the format of the post. The audience for this article are those who already have some understanding of farming in Africa, soil science, and agronomy, so the language used retains some technical aspects without additional explanations. Were the article aimed at the general public, then I would have used more simple language, and included definitions, explanations, and reference links to help the topic to be understood.

And because it is written for the web, I’ve added jump links at the top to get the reader to any section with a single click.

I can write articles like this for you! Whatever your company does and whoever your audience is, I can write specifically for you and them.


Published by Julia Barnard MBA

Technical Writer, Web Content Author, Digital Marketing Strategist, MBA, LCA Practitioner, Scientist

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