Latest Work: University of Aberdeen Case Study for iSDA Africa

This article describes how the University of Aberdeen have been using the API to access the iSDAsoil resource, incorporating the soil data values into their new software tool.

To write this, I initially spoke to two of the project members David McBey and Michael Martin via a Zoom meeting. With the permission of the interviewees, I recorded the chat. Recording the interview allowed me to listen and interact with the interviewees, without scrawling notes down and potentially missing important bits of information. Later I could go back, listen again to the conversation and write and refine my notes until I came up with the structure I liked for the article. This is actually my preferred way of working – remotely – even before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit!

I can write articles like this for you! Whatever your company does and whoever your audience is, I can write specifically for you and them.


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