Latest Work: First look at the prototype “Virtual Agronomist” app from iSDA Africa

This new app from iSDA is still in prototype form, but was demonstrated to the International Fertilizer Association at their online webinar in February 2021.

The webinar is available to view in full via YouTube. I used this video as the starting point for this article. Where much of the introduction of the iSDAsoil resource had been described in earlier articles, I only included a brief intro in the article here. The rest of the piece consisted of the demonstration of the app by the iSDA team members, and the various pros and cons of using and implementing an app such as this. The article is pleasing to the eye, thanks to the screenshots of the app itself, which also aid in showing how it works.

The science behind how the app works is, for the day to day operation of the app, less important than its usability and look and feel. As long as the developers get the science right, the users can simply find the answers they need through a few button clicks, and the entering of local information – which improves the accuracy of the results.

I’m excited for an app such as this which leads to the increased profitability of smallholder farmers in Africa. This app will also predict how the soil will be affected through management over time, and therefore hopefully prevent damage to the environment. If the soil is damaged through poor management methods, then there will be no future for the farmer in that area. Tools such as these are vital to ensure that the land is managed well AND the farmers make profit.

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